Jacob Crox

Name:  Jacob Crox
Born: Nov 23, 1998
Birth Place: Knoxville, TN
Current City: Knoxville, TN
When did you first start paddling?
July 2013 with Billy Lush in Knoxville, TN. I was hooked on the sport immediately.
Why do you love Paddle Boarding?
I love paddle boarding because it is a sport where only my determination and effort decides how i perform. It is a race for my personal best. Plus the ability to be alone on the water gives me a peace and a place alone to think.
What other sports do you like?
I enjoy playing basketball at my high school during the winter and pickup soccer and football with friends. Basically anything outdoors.
Any other hobbies?
Hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains, longboarding & skateboarding, travelling, photography, art, and listening to tons of music.
Who are your sponsors?
Ke Nalu Stand up Paddles
Orama Sunglasses
Career Accomplishments:
 Golden Nugget SUP Race - 3rd in Men's 12'6
 Paddle at the Dock - 2nd Men's 14'
 NOC Paddle Grapple - 3rd Men's 14'
 Toona Challenge - 1st Juniors
Chattajack 31 - 1st Juniors